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Multipolarity was born from a viral Twitter Spaces between Andrew Collingwood and Philip Pilkington, which lead to questions being asked in a Treasury Select Committee.

The show has been going out weekly since January 2023, with occasional guests, like Bismarck Analysis' Samo Burja. 


Each week, we take three geopolitics news stories, and use them to illustrate a much broader pattern about the way in which Western decline and the rise of the emerging powers, is re-shaping the worlds of diplomacy, trade and war.


Both Philip and Andrew are available for appearances on other podcasts, and for expert analysis in the press.


Andrew Collingwood

Andrew Collingwood works in the finance industry and writes for Bournbrook Magazine. He is a member of  William Clouston's Social Democratic Party.  


Philip Pilkington

Philip Pilkington is a macro-economist who came of age in Ireland in the era of its banking collapse - an experience that informed his thinking on policy.  He's the author of The Reformation In Macro-Economics, and writes regularly for UnHerd, First Things, The Telegraph, and others.  

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